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Francisco Dalmau Reyes
Solution Manager
MBE 0067 - Palma De Mallorca
Solution Center
C/ Cecili Metel, 5 Bajos
07003 Palma De Mallorca

Shipping in Palma De Mallorca and more.

MBE Center 0067 in Palma De Mallorca, C/ Cecili Metel, 5 Bajos, is highly specialized in professional packing and shipping services from Palma De Mallorca, managing domestic and international and customized shipping. The service is provided in the whole area of Palma De Mallorca and not only.

MBE 0067 Palma De Mallorca is also capable to manage retail-logistics processes on behalf of your business. Mail boxes rental (po box) and domiciliation services, photocopies and faxes, packaging materials as boxes for shipping or moving and office products are also available.

Feel free to contact us for any request or for a quotation.

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Kate Avery, 29/07/2023
Eduardo and Jorge were my main contacts during communications but the whole team are fantastic at mailboxes. My phone was stolen on holiday and if that wasn’t stressful enough, thankfully the police found it with a number of phones but I had to organise transport to get it home. I have never had this happen before and I thought it would be quite simple - I was very wrong. A lot of emails and calls to the police with not much response but Eduardo supported me through the whole thing and contacted the police on my behalf at times to help with the language barrier. Mailboxes would give me constant updates, mail me if any issues and overall gave a 5 star service. I also had trouble at customs, which Jorge guided me through, he dealt with the team in Barcelona and ensured even through transit in the UK that my phone was safe and I had received. If you need something that is of high value delivered please trust these guys they are truly amazing and have the best customer service. Thank you so much!
Neil Graham, 27/07/2023
I left my suitcase at Palma airport, and after lost luggage had confirmed that they had the case, they suggested I contacted Mailboxes to have the case shipped back the UK. The service that I received from Eduardo was first class. They collected the case from the airport and shipped it to me just over a week later. The case was securely wrapped and all contents were intact within the case upon receiving it. Would recommend
Jim Innocent, 26/05/2023
Ex service, Ex staff. A1+++ transactions.
Pragyan Barik, 26/04/2023
Excellent service! My husband left his mobile phone in a rental car. MBE team helped to recover it . The team is very efficient and we got our phone in perfect condition at Germany. Highly recommended!
Joel Yanow, 06/11/2022
I misplaced my suitcase in Palma airport and by the time it made its way to Lost and Found I was flying for my next stop, London England. I contacted MBE at the suggestion of the lost and found and they managed to arrange to send my bag all the way to British Columbia Canada, (where I live). I can only give them the highest marks for their service level. I received my bag in perfect condition and I was thrilled to be reunited with my electric toothbrush along with all my other possessions.
Rebecca Hollander, 04/08/2022
So helpful and nice!
odile arqué, 16/05/2022
Un enviament complicat per les combinacions que calia fer s'ha resolt satisfactòriament gràcies a Francisco Dalmau, atent, pacient i eficaç.
Daniel Brown, 19/08/2021
Absolutely perfect service! I left my bag with expensive camera, passport, recharger, dental kit and books in Palma airport. It was recovered by the Lost & Found (who were also rapid, empathic and efficient) who advised me this company. And they were great! They ticked all the boxes: polite, professional, great value for money, fast and communicative. It sounds like a fake review but this is sincere. My absentmindedness lost me some of my most precious things, it felt like the world was crumbling and Francisco and David, calmly fixed it. Gracias amigos! Daniel
Charlie L, 23/11/2020
Aquí recojo mis envíos de amazon, rápido y buen trato
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