Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the largest logistic networks that offers national and international mailings, but also printing, marketing and communication services to companies and individuals. The opinions about Mail Boxes Etc. are very positive especially in relation to its competitiveness, organization and consolidated support reached in the Spanish market. MBE offers users a web space where they can consult the opinions Mail Boxes Etc.

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MBE makes available to interested parties a web page where many of the franchisees' opinions about Mail Boxes Etc can be found.
Mail Boxes Etc. has positioned itself in Spain as one of the references in the shipping and packaging system thanks to its network of physical stores and has managed to become one of the best investment options in the domestic market. Its effectiveness, credibility and growth position it as one of the franchises with the greatest leadership in national and international parcel shipments, with great reference. 

The commercial growth rates of this franchise exceed 13% annually. The company expects to achieve higher growth by 2019. Its capacity for competitiveness, organization and the consolidated support achieved in the Spanish market make it a reliable investment. For all these reasons, opinions about Mail Boxes Etc. are very favourable
Mail Boxes Etc. operates and remains in the Spanish market since 1993 with comprehensive plans (financial, communication and marketing). Combined with a system that allows optimizing logistics processes.
MBE's results are backed by the success of its franchisees who have managed to expand with progressive growth since 1993, especially in recent years.

Some of the testimonies about Mail Boxes Etc. are the following:
Eduardo García Barra, one of MBE's two franchisees in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona), comments: "We are obsessed with providing made-to-measure solutions. We want to solve all our clients' setbacks. That's why we are constantly looking for new opportunities in the market. Logistics is an indispensable branch of business for entrepreneurs. If we succeed in building customer loyalty, it will be an absolute success for us. Let's hope to maintain the same success that we have obtained in the center of Barberá (Barcelona)".
The opinion about Mail Boxes Etc. of Antonio Mora, franchisee in Benidorm, is that "the experience gained in the establishments of Denia and Murcia have encouraged him to open a new centre in Benidorm". Antonio believes that the city and municipality of Benidorm in the province of Alicante has many business opportunities. Benidorm has 72,000 inhabitants, of whom 46,000 are national residents and 27,000 are foreigners, a population that has particularly great logistical needs. Antonio is convinced that this new MBE centre has a good chance of becoming a logistical reference for Benidorm citizens. In addition, the center will have the rest of the products offered by the MBE brand, such as printing service, graphic design, mailbox rental and office supplies."    
The testimony of Andrés Eduardo Uzcategui, franchisee in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, about Mail Boxes Etc. is very positive: "During the whole process of registration MBE has transmitted us a solid and international franchise image and we considered this way, however, we thought that it was limited to managing only import and export shipments of merchandise from companies. We were very surprised when we saw that, although this has led them to be a great franchise, MBE is also betting on other business areas. The brand takes its success to other market niches such as graphic design or private shipments, allowing MBE to offer a great service to companies and SMEs, but also to customers on the street who want to hire a high quality service such as MBE."

Los Centros MBE son gestionados por franquiciados, emprendedores independientes, que operan bajo la marca MBE por un contrato de franquicia. Mail Boxes Etc. desempeña a través de su Red de negocios en franquicia, servicios de soporte a las empresas y particulares. Los principales servicios que ofrecemos son de logística y envíos, llevados a cabo gracias a los acuerdos de los que se benefician los franquiciados firmados por MBE con las principales empresas de mensajería nacionales e internacionales, y de diseño e impresión realizados bien sea directamente como a través de acuerdos con grandes centros reprográficos. La promoción de los servicios MBE a empresas y particulares se produce gracias a la actividad comercial desarrollada por el franquiciado MBE tanto en el interior como en el exterior del punto de venta (farming), específicamente, esta última, representa obligación contractual a cargo de cada franquiciado. Mail Boxes Etc. y MBE son marcas registradas y utilizadas por concesión de MBE Worldwide S.p.A. (todos los derechos son reservados). No todos los servicios y productos ofrecidos por MBE están disponibles en cada punto de venta. El material disponible en esta web, la información y datos contenidos en la misma no pueden ser copiados, distribuidos, modificados, republicados, reproducidos, descargados o transmitidos a terceros por cualquier medio, sin el consentimiento previo por escrito de MBE Spain 2000, SL. No aceptamos ninguna responsabilidad con respecto a la utilización del material, información y/o datos no autorizados, contenidos en este sitio web.
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